Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kathy's Crab Quilt

Kathy always brings me really fun quilts. Like this crab quilt! And then she says to do whatever I want. How great is that! Kathy used a really interesting product for the crabs that crinkled up when it was hit with steam.

About the time I got this quilt, I took a class on Craftsy with Christina Cameli on machine quilting designs. She had some pebbling designs I was practicing on paper and I thought it looked like an ocean bottom.

So I had to use those designs on the quilt.

Doesn't that look like a rocky shore? I made up a few of my own pebbling designs like shells. You can see the crinkly crabs pretty well here.

I quilted swirls in the dark blue areas. Reminds me of waves!

Thanks for letting me quilt this fun quilt Kathy!