Wednesday, August 5, 2009

binding, binding, binding, binding

I'm finally finishing up the McKenna Ryan coffee quilts I started over a year ago for my kitchen. They needed quilting and binding and some method for accurately hanging since they hang as a group. So far I have one bound. I discovered that I really need to practice machine quilting. I have a lot of knotty stuff going on on the back and my stitch length is all over the map and my smoothness factor is extremely low.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Round Robin swap

I belong to a mini group that meets once a month. For the past year, we've been working on a round robin. The center square was to be a basket block. Each month we passed our blocks on to the next person who added a border or side or embellished what was already there. This past Sunday we met a Kathy's camp in the Adirondacks to reveal the final pieces.

Jan's quilt

My quilt (I love it!)

Paula's quilt

Mary's quilt

Louie's quilt
Kathy's quilt

Georgia's quilt

Georgia gave us an empty basket hoping we would put flowers in it for her. Instead, we left that as a challenge for her! This is the second round robin this group has done together. The results are always terrific. And finally, here's our group holding our quilts.

Friday, June 26, 2009

To blog or not to blog

I enjoy reading other people's blogs so much. I love looking at photos they post and getting inspired. I even copied a quilt from Stephanie at Loft Creations for a quilt for my newest grandson. My son is going to be visiting so I have to have the quilt done by next Wednesday. Wish me luck on that one!

Funny thing is, I asked what fabrics she used because I knew my daughter-in-law would love the fabrics. After getting them, I just worked from memory to create the quilt. When I got to the border part, I checked back on Stephanie's blog to see what she did with borders and discovered I'd reversed the fabric placement. I like them both! As you can see from the pictures, I'm still playing with border options. I don't think the brown dot is going to make it. I may just put a small border of the white and call it a day.

I also just finished these two dresses for my granddaughters. These are
oliver + s patterns.

Finally another project (out of the many projects I'm working on) is an Amy Butler bag that I'm still working on creating the lining for.

So the question is, will I continue to blog or not? I feel like I should return the inspiration others have given me. Time will tell...