Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hannah's Day

Jona was having problems with the pregnancy. She wasn't due until May 10. She'd been in the hospital for five days, then went home on Monday, Feb 5th. On Wednesday, Feb 7th, she went back in. I had doubts whether I should go down to NC yet. I only had so much time to take off. But I finally figured that Jona and Dan needed help at least with taking care of Bayleigh. So I decided to go that day. I got a ticket that got me into Charlotte at about 8:30pm. Dan said he'd pick me up at the airport. When I met him there, he said that Jona's water had broken. We went back to his house to drop off my things and pick up Jona's car so Dan could spend the night at the hospital and I could go back to his house. When I got to the hospital, Jona was having some contractions but things seemed to be slowing down. I went back to their house at about 11pm and went right to bed. At 1:15am, Mike, Jona's father knocked on the bedroom door and said Dan had called to say that Jona was going to have the baby within the next hour. Mike and I debated on who should stay with Bayleigh and who should go. We both wanted to go. I told Mike to go first then I would go later. Clearly I wasn't thinking straight. I came to my senses pretty quick and decided we'd both go and bring Bayleigh with us. So we both got ready and wrapped Bayleigh in a blanket and laid her in the back of Jona's car. I followed Mike to the hospital and we got there at about 1:45. We went straight to Jona's room. It was empty. We sat and sat and sat. Finally, Dan called and said the baby had been born at 2:40 and was breathing on her own. We were both pretty scared. A little while later, Dan came back to the room and told us Jona was doing fine and Hannah was doing as well as could be expected. He was really excited to be a dad finally. He called everyone in the family, even making the staff at Misty's house wake her up to tell her.