Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I don't do customer quilts, but...

My husband's coworker's wife rescued an old stamped cross stitch quilt top.  It was only partially embroidered so she painted in the unembroidered parts.  She asked me if I would quilt it up for her.  She made an offer I couldn't refuse.  She's a storyteller and would do a program for the day program my daughter goes to in exchange for quilting the quilt.  How could I say no?  So here's the quilt top after I added borders from the fabric she supplied.

These are the lines stamped on it for quilting.

I originally thought I would quilt butterflies on that X box but in thinking more about it, realized the blue lines would show through and might never be removed as I don't know if she plans on washing the quilt or not.  And I didn't want to wash it with all that paint...

So I loaded it up and started quilting!

Here's a close up of one of the butterflies.  You can still see the stamped cross stitch under the paint.

And here is the quilt nearly completed.  I'm in the process of turning the quilt to finish the borders.

I quilted around each cross stitch butterfly and leaf group.  I was seeing cross eyed by the time I got done!

And here's the view from the back.  I'm not entirely happy with the amount of unquilted space around and under the butterflies.  The bat is a nice fluffy one, so it fills the spaces pretty well.  It's really pretty cuddly.  I'm not sure what she plans on doing with the quilt.

But I'm glad it's off my frame!