Sunday, March 29, 2015

Quilt cake!

About a year ago, I finished up this Urban Pods quilt by Sew Kind Of Wonderful.

Today daughter, Sarah, surprised me with a birthday cake. See, she's an extremely talented cake maker. She can make anything she sets her mind to. And she set her mind to making this quilt into a cake.
Isn't it amazing?!
Thank you Sarah! It's the best cake I ever had. And it tastes delicious too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Carol's Gaslight quilt

At 2014 Quilt Market, local designer Jessica VanDenburgh debuted a new line of beautiful, modern patterns. Her Gaslight pattern is one of my favorites.


This beautiful quilt was made by Carol. I *love* the colors she chose. When I first saw this quilt, I knew I wanted to put some sort of design behind all the gaslights. I drew all sorts of shapes before Carol and I settled on this tile effect. Jessica thinks it looks Morrocan.


I found a path that let me do all the tiles between a line of gaslights in one fell swoop. Added some feathers and pebbles to the gaslights and it's done. I hope to make this quilt one day, so thanks for letting me practice on your quilt Carol!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Paula's quilts

This beautiful quilt was made by Paula to commemorate a Hawaiian vacation. Paula's an expert on stack and whack method of making quilts so she used this on some Hawaiian fabric. She wanted a pantograph which was reminiscent of a plumeria. I think her choice is perfect!
Paula and her husband Ron are also sailors. She made a quilt to use at her camp where they often go sailing. She wanted boats stitched on the top so I tried to make the boats floating on water.
Such fun working on Paula's quilts!