Sunday, January 11, 2015

Esther's quilt

This quilt started out slooooowwwwly.  So quick to quilt and so slow to rip!

As soon as I completed all the cross hatching on this block, I realized it was wrong!  See, I had loaded the quilt sideways so I'd save time on rolling.  Didn't realize I'd waste the savings in ripping.  See I stitched the stencil sideways.  The diamond shape should have skinny side pointing to the top of the quilt which is to the left or the right.  Argh!  But after many days, I completed the quilt.

Here's the whole quilt, still on it's side.

A closer look at the center.

And the side with some of the border.

Thanks for letting me quilt your beautiful quilt, Esther!

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  1. Wow, I love your quilting, and I'm jealous that you have a real longarm to play on. Thanks for commenting on my bobbin lace, and good luck with your spinning wheel. I attend a knitting retreat each year where a lot of people bring really cool spinning wheels and I am slightly tempted, but I know I would rather buy my yarn for instant gratification, lol! best wishes,